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This website is all about my passions in life.  I've always loved to draw and have just recently discovered the world of digital art.

I'm going to be working very hard to update the site as often as I can, but with all creative endeavors sometimes this takes I hope to have something at least once or twice a week to titillate the senses.

The swirling evolution of this picture gives a surreal view of life according to Ravenfeeder.

"Nude in B Flat" NEW
A glimpse into the world of feminine wiles.  Taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary.



"Meet Jane"


From the hot world she lives in, meet the cool Jane.



January CD
For a limited time Ravenfeeder is offering all artwork seen on this site during the month of January on CD.  Quality pictures are sized to 500x500 pixels at 200 dpi.  You are free to alter the sizing according to your needs with any graphics program you may own.


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